A Dream Come True
by Kristy Gillinder

From: Grand Traverse Region Home Resource Book

Paul and Michelle Callaghan had a distinct vision of their dream home.  They Pondered on this vision and looked around, hoping to find exactly what they wanted.  After a while, it began to look like they would not find their “dream property,” but they didn’t give up hope.  Finally, they found exactly what they were looking for in the Forrest Lodge area on Long Lake.

Paul says his initial reaction to the property was a mix of “peaceful excitement.”  The property is about ten minutes from the center of town, and Paul states that the natural beauty, with its rolling forest, helps him relax.  Michelle says they both grew up in Traverse City, and knew it was a special area, and an ideal place to raise their family.  Along the way, they decided it would be perfect if they could find an inland lake, and they were rewarded for their patience.
There was a cottage on the Long Lake property when the Callaghans first purchased it.  They lived there for about three years, then had it leveled and Matt Hughey built their dream house.

The Callaghans moved in in March 2006.  Michelle says she had thought of hiring a decorator but realized it was “too much fun” to let someone else do it.  She also reports that she and Paul have similar tastes in home décor, and this has been a real plus with their new home, which Michelle describes as a “contemporary cottage.”

The Callaghan home is approximately 6,000 square feet and features four bedrooms with four full baths and two half baths.  A mother-in-law suite, located over the garage, will be completed at a later date.  It will have an elevator for easy access, making it a ‘home within a home.”

The exterior of the home is a taupe-grey beaded weather board, with retextured lap siding, random, square-edge weatherboard shake siding, thick, white trim, and grayish-cream colored stone.  Columns make for a stately welcome to family and friends.

The main floor of the home is a deep linen color, with lots of warm gold tones.  This sets the mood for a “relaxed yet classic style” that flows through the entire home.

The Callaghans were in a rental house while their home was under construction, so they plenty of time to plan exactly what colors and details they wanted.  Michelle and Paul both say they really loved the whole process of seeing their home come to life.
The great room and dining room make it easy to have either casual or (ed.) formal evenings together.  An extra special touch to the dining room is the custom made table, which was created especially for the Callaghans by a close friend.  The dining room also features more lovely columns, which reflect the welcoming grandeur of the exterior of the home.

The kitchen is a great place for everyone to gather.  It is Michelle’s favorite spot in the home.  She says she loved the kitchen in the movie “Something’s Gotta Give” so much, that she wanted her kitchen to have the same look and feel.  The Callaghan’s kitchen has a huge open area, with lots of counter and cabinet space.  The dark countertops have a soft sheen, and they make for a gorgeous contrast against the white columns.

The master bedroom is decorated in gentle, warm tones, with grey-taupe carpet, and it creates a relaxing area for Paul and Michelle.  The master bath features dark cabinetry that really ‘pops’ against the light flooring.  This contrast is pleasing to the eye and makes the master bath feel like a luxurious spa.

The mudroom area is a dark, moss green and features classic (12 by 12) black and white tile with white trim.  The powder room is conveniently located nearby, along with the laundry room, mudroom, and breezeway with a secretary.  This makes it easy for the family to come home, get organized, and, no matter what the weather, they don’t have to worry about making a mess inside the house.

Paul and Michelle’s son, Jack, selected a “washed denim blue” for his room on the upper level of the home.  He has a taupe-gray carpet, with white trim, and cherry red accents.  His bathroom has a real nautical feel to it.  The floor pattern is a royal blue diamond tile pattern.  A red, nautical-themed shower curtain completes the sea-faring look.

Daughter Grace selected a “ballet pink” theme for her bedroom and bath.  Her carpet has a taupe-pink hue, and she has lots of white and pastel accents.  Michelle laughingly says that Jack and Grace really have “their own unique styles” in their bedrooms and bathrooms, and that makes it all special.

Jack and Grace also have a library and play area upstairs.  This spot has French doors which open to the generous decking, and features some fantastic views.

Michelle’s brother, Chris Valerio, of Valerio’s Tiling, did all the tile for the home.  Michelle says he really “pulled everything together” with the colors he used, and the interesting designs of the tile make the rooms stand out.

The lower level is designed as a walk-out to enjoy the outdoors.  There is a sauna, wine cellar, bar/kitchen area, and a guest bedroom and bathroom.  A tile entrance, large foyer, and ample closet space make it easy to clean up after fun times in and around the water.  With young children, and lots of family and friends, Michelle says the design of the home is great at accommodating everyone.  They can enjoy the outdoors and have everything they need close at hand on the lower level.

Two fireplaces also serve to make the Callaghan home cozy and functional.  Paul and Michelle helped to design the mantle over the wood-burning fireplace in the family room.  A gas fireplace warms the family and guests on the lower level.

The outside of the home features extensive decking.  Both the right and left sided feature covered porch areas.  Paul says this is his favorite part of their home, because they can “bring the outside in and enjoy more of the year outside.”

Paul and Michelle both feel their home is a dream come true.  They enjoyed the whole process of building their home, and they credit Matt Hughey for his “excellent communication skills.”  The Callaghans say that because they chose a knowledgeable builder, they had no surprises along the way, and this enabled them to relax and enjoy the journey to their dream home.